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Tales of Epic Quests and Great Adventures

Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons Management System website. This system is designed to assist in the design and deployment of D&D roleplaying campaigns, and managing characters. In short the following activities are supported:

newest session: Confronting Nightmares DM: Gerwin, 2014-04-10
newest campaign: Arena of Gods DM: Gerwin, 2013-09-12
newest feat: Versatile Spellcaster added by: Jaco, 2013-09-13
newest race: Elf (High) added by: Martijn,
newest class: Master of the Unseen Hand added by: Jaco, 2013-10-03
newest weapon: Falchion added by: , 2012-12-13
newest spell: Lightning bolt added by: Jaco, 2012-03-13

9 players have played 87 characters earning a total of 2567118 XP, 569cp, 621sp, 259042gp and 838pp in 158 sessions over 18 campaigns by 7 DMs who controlled (at least) 8 NPCs, of which 67 were involved in the plot.61 Quests have been pursued of which 33 have been successfully completed. We also have 9 different items, 16 dungeons of which 11 with map and 37 different weapons useable by 44 different classes of 30 races. We also have had 216716 pageviews. The nachos are slightly stale, otherwise OK.