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Tales of Epic Quests and Great Adventures

Welcome to the Dungeons & Dragons Management System website. This system is designed to assist in the design and deployment of D&D roleplaying campaigns, and managing characters. In short the following activities are supported:

newest session: Confronting Nightmares DM: Gerwin, 2014-04-10
newest campaign: Arena of Gods DM: Gerwin, 2013-09-12
newest feat: Versatile Spellcaster added by: Jaco, 2013-09-13
newest race: Elf (High) added by: Martijn,
newest class: Master of the Unseen Hand added by: Jaco, 2013-10-03
newest weapon: Falchion added by: , 2012-12-13
newest spell: Lightning bolt added by: Jaco, 2012-03-13

9 players have played 87 characters earning a total of 2567118 XP, 569cp, 621sp, 259042gp and 838pp in 158 sessions over 18 campaigns by 7 DMs who controlled (at least) 8 NPCs, of which 67 were involved in the plot.61 Quests have been pursued of which 33 have been successfully completed. We also have 9 different items, 16 dungeons of which 11 with map and 37 different weapons useable by 44 different classes of 30 races. We also have had 217176 pageviews. The nacho-level is OK at the moment.